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My Story

As a kid, I clung to that torch for my dad, a car enthusiast, would tinker with his beloved automobile for what felt like ages. And there I was, by his side, holding that beam of light, trying not to mess up. But instead of being discouraged by his scolding, I became entranced by the mysterious workings under the car’s bonnet.

My curiosity took over, and I knew I had to unravel the secrets of this mechanical marvel. That was the spark that ignited my passion for understanding the engineering behind complex machines.

Fast forward to my adulthood, and I made my dreams come true by pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering from NUST. From that little kid holding a torch, to the aspiring mechanical engineer, my journey has been fueled by curiosity and the desire to unlock the mysteries of the mechanical world. And as I dive deeper into this thrilling field, I can’t wait to create, innovate, and make my mark in the realm of mechanical marvels.

I am currently enrolled in Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) as a Postgraduate student.

My domain includes:
– Computer-Aided Design & Computer-Aided Engineering
– Finite Element Analysis
– Topological Optimization
– Data Driven Solutions
– Deep Generative Models

Where I’ve Worked

Aug 2022 -Present
Postgraduate Student at IDOL KAIST
Feb 2021 ~ Mar 2022
Research Intern at Additech Sim
June 2021 ~ June 2022
Campus Ambassador at Women Engineers Pakistan
Jan 2021 ~ June 2022
Member at IEEE Women in Engineering
Sept 2019 ~ April 2021
Team Member at Nust Formula Student Team

My Skills and Tools

My achievements throughout the years

KAIST Scholarship

I’ve been awarded a KAIST scholarship, propelling me toward postgraduate studies. This scholarship from KAIST is a testament to my academic dedication and future ambitions.

Altair Digital Twin Competition Winner

With my team, I proudly secured the Global Special Prize in the Altair Digital Twin Competition 2021, showcasing my innovative prowess on a global stage.

NUST High Achiever 2021, 2022

I achieved high recognition as a NUST high achiever in both 2021 and 2022, attributing my success to unwavering dedication in the FSUK2020 event and clinching victory in the ALTAIR competition of 2022. My commitment and exceptional performance underscored my accomplishments during these years.


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