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Transforming Mechanical Engineering through Artificial Intelligence

Hello, I am Sania, a Mechanical Engineering Postgraduate Student at KAIST interested in Deep Learning.


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A showcase of my diverse works and creative journey, captured in a captivating blog portfolio.

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Exploring a variety of engaging and informative articles that cater to diverse interests and curiosities.

Latest Articles

Embark on a transformative journey of knowledge and discovery as you immerse yourself in our latest article. Unravel the intricate interplay between Artificial Intelligence and Mechanical Engineering, delving into a world of cutting-edge insights and innovative solutions. .

September 12, 2023

Why Learning AI is easier for Mechanical Engineers

Learning Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Mechanical Engineers is Easier than You Think! “Mathematics is the language with which God has written the universe.” -Galileo Galilei…
August 17, 2023

Who Controls AI: Balancing Innovation and Accountability

AI: A weapon of Destruction? As Elon Musk during a recent two-part interview with Tucker Carlson, said that “AI is more dangerous than, say, mismanaged…
Topology Optimization
August 13, 2023

Topology Optimization for Engineers

Topology Optimization for Engineers An important part of being a design engineer requires optimizing products using efficient tools to produce innovative solutions. The field is…

Passionate Pursuits: Exploring My Interests

My pursuits in the application of AI in mechanical engineering are not just a career path; they are a manifestation of my deepest passions. They remind me that innovation is not a solitary endeavor but a symphony of minds and technologies coming together to orchestrate a better world.

Generative Designs

Generative designs harness the power of AI to autonomously create and optimize innovative mechanical structures, revolutionizing traditional engineering approaches.

Design Optimization

Design optimization fueled by AI redefines mechanical engineering by efficiently refining and enhancing product designs for superior performance and efficiency.

Data Driven Solutions

Data-driven solutions empower mechanical engineering to make informed decisions and drive innovation by extracting actionable insights from vast datasets.

ML Applications

Machine Learning applications empower mechanical engineering by enabling predictive maintenance, process optimization, and advanced control systems for unprecedented efficiency and reliability

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